Game changer for startups and investors prosperity.

SaaS platform that streamlines fundraising, startup management, and investor relations for startups, as well as risk management and reporting for investors, using AI and blockchain.

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Blockchain-powered SaaS platform with AI tech for co-founders and investors.

We believe many startup ideas have the potential to benefit humanity if manage

Founders commitment.

The startup founders stays highly motivated and engaged to prevent the issues of failure and inactive founding members and to attract investments.

Intellectual property.

The team prioritize protecting intellectual property from the start to safeguard results when sharing with partners or having employees leave.

Transparency for investors.

The startup is completely transparent with both current and future investors about its operations, teams and results to build strong relationships.

Our partners, who also share our confidence in this vision:

Core Functions of Synexis.Please select your role in startup ecosystem:
Co-founders relations to succeed.Smart model for distributing shares among co-founders.Efficiency and commitment from now on drive share distribution in startups. Our dynamic model recalculates co-founder shares monthly and proposes to update the co-founders' agreement for fairness and transparency.
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At Synexis, we aim to provide a complete solution for startups to raise funds successfully and grow, while helping investors mitigate risks.
Dr Pavel Vinitsky

Exclusive offer for early clients.

A unique proposition for our early clients.
MVP functions plus personal assistance at a special rate.

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Call for partners.
Drive into an opportunity with Synexis and shape the future of startups. Our referral and perks programs will pleasantly surprise you.

We are open to investments in a new round.

We have successfully closed the Angel round and are now open for investors in the pre-seed round. Lets explore investment opportunities, and be a catalyst in our quest to revolutionize startup success.


Core Team of Synexis.

Dr Pavel Vinitsky


Dr Pavel Vinitsky

Serial entrepreneur & business visionary with track record of more than 23 years in diverse domains like EdTech, SaaS, legal, blockchain, mobile apps, and music. Pavel holds PhD and MBA in Media.

He’s been leading and working as a business consultant, art director & head of marketing for 100+ companies worldwide in Web2 & Web3.

Vasily Mirulev


Vasily Mirulev

Expert in business strategy, user experience and marketing, combining deep knowledge in performance marketing strategies and behavioral analysis in his work.

With over 8 years of experience in projects focused on global markets, he specializes in SaaS, B2B services, and EdTech.

Filipe Mota


Filipe Mota

Full-Stack Developer with 9 years of experience, excels in both back-end and front-end technologies. A tech and crypto enthusiast, he brings innovative solutions to complex challenges.

With a scout's tenacity and a Robinson Crusoe mindset, Filipe navigates the tech wilderness with skill.

Sergei Yakupov


Sergei Yakupov

AI Enthusiast and visionary. Founder & CEO of BotsEver — bots that can analyze big data and create content using AI.

Serg has more than 10 years in product development and 3 years working in AI, developing and training LLMs. Media consultant & C-level with 20+ years experience in news and media industry.

Arsenii Pechenkin


Arsenii Pechenkin

Seasoned developer advocate and ecosystem growth expert with 10+ years of experience in tech specializing in Web3, FinTech and DeFi. Blockchain evangelist.

Web3 DevRel ar Gnosis Chain. Alchemist Accelerator alumni. Winner mentor of various hackathons all around the world. Lecturer & tech-couch.

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Blockchain-powered shares distribution, intellectual property protection, and transparency reports automation for startups and investors
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